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Photo Courtesey of: Days Inn by Wyndham Saint Pauls

Days Inn by Wyndham Saint Pauls

Address: 931 W Broad St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-1111 Visit the Days Inn by Wyndham Saint Pauls Website View Days Inn by Wyndham Saint Pauls on Google Latitude: 34.8094752 Longitude: -78.9854476

Did you know that Days Inn by Wyndham Saint Pauls rates 3.7/5 based on 309 total ratings?

Reviews for Days Inn by Wyndham Saint Pauls
Freddie Taylor Freddie Taylor 5/5 a month ago This place is in a great location. And I drive trucks and was able to park my truck and trailer right across the street at a small truck stop.
Lynda Rosencrans Lynda Rosencrans 5/5 5 months ago Absolutely wonderful week! Went to Saint Pauls to pick up my service dog and the staff at this Days Inn went above and beyond to make my stay comfortable. I had a bathroom light flickering, it wasn’t 10 min and maintenance was there changing it. The room was clean and housekeeping insured I had everything I needed. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this hotel.. THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough. I will be back.. Soon!
Melany Rivera Melany Rivera 1/5 2 months ago HORRIBLE!!! Cigarette burn holes in the sheets despite being a smoke free room. Found two bugs in the beds and hair EVERYWHERE. The tables were wet and sticky and most of the outlets don’t even work. The shower barley works, the towels were stained and dirty, and the whole room smelled awful! Pretty sure I saw a flea also… DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!
Photo Courtesey of: Doug Fox

St. Pauls High School

Address: 648 N Old Stage Rd, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-4177 Visit the St. Pauls High School Website View St. Pauls High School on Google Latitude: 34.8147005 Longitude: -78.9768508

Did you know that St. Pauls High School rates 3.2/5 based on 14 total ratings?

Reviews for St. Pauls High School
PLANK GAMING PLANK GAMING 5/5 5 years ago Teachers aren’t the problem. Its the students that make up the school right? Teachers are people as well as you and me so they have a family and life to deal with too. If you are mad because the teacher i mad, you should just blow it off and just shut up and listen. I’ve never had a problem with any teacher. Everything they said was right and I listened. I’m not a bad kid so I just what I have to to pass my classes and to get away from the teachers. Now I will say some of the rules are stupid. But that’s how life is, life is full of rules. If you don’t apply the rules to your life, you will never be successful or happy. You’ll always be pissed off.
Melissa McClain Melissa McClain 4/5 4 years ago My mom graduated from here, I graduated from here and now my son is a freshmen here. This school has turned out quite a few very influential and successful young men and women. Their sports teams are phenomenal, the teachers go above and beyond to ensure each student gets the education they need. As with any public school there’s always going to be a flaw or two depending upon who you ask. All in all SPHS is a wonderful school. GO BULLDOGS!!
Sady Alberto Sady Alberto 1/5 8 years ago I would rate 0 stars if I could. Most of the staff is friendly but they treat us like little kids. They take phones before class even starts (e.g. during breakfast, lunch, and between classes) which is absolutely ridiculous. They will also throw away your regular drinks if they see you but turn around and sell you diet ones. WAKE UP St. Paul’s! Not everyone in this country is obese. Also the food is horrible (I know its not their fault and they can’t change the menu but just be warned) also extremely strict with being late to class. Be late to class 5 times (keep in mind we change classes 4 times per day) and get ready to spend a full day in a room doing absolutely nothing productive. My overall experience has not been good. Not good..
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Address: 344 S 5th St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-5979 Visit the Subway Website View Subway on Google Latitude: 34.8038763 Longitude: -78.9783999

Did you know that Subway rates 3.5/5 based on 89 total ratings?

Reviews for Subway
Tiffany Harvey Tiffany Harvey 1/5 a month ago Order online. Order toasted and got cold! Steak and cheese was cold. Nothing about all 3 were toasted. I second guessed myself thinking maybe I didn’t edit but nope I definitely order toasted. Employees talk on their phones using ear pods while making sandwhichs (different occasion). This location has went down hill fast. When I spend my money somewhere I expect what I order!!
Lillian Burney Lillian Burney 2/5 2 months ago Sub ordered online got home wrong spoke to gentleman he said he would make another he was very nice. Next day ordered at store replacement sub, plus steak cheese got home took 2 bites and found a piece of rubber and called about it girl very rude and unprofessional will not go back to that subway again.!
Ashely Jonaitis Ashely Jonaitis 1/5 a month ago Worst subway I have ever been too! It took more than 30 min being in line with 2 people and then making my food. They didn’t chop up my salad when I asked for it and they didn’t have any cheese. I will never be back here and this place should be shut down for terrible customer service! I can’t believe they want 12+ an hour.
Photo Courtesey of: Hardee’s


Address: 507 W Broad St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-4024 Visit the Hardee’s Website View Hardee’s on Google Latitude: 34.8070129 Longitude: -78.9766285

Did you know that Hardee’s rates 3.6/5 based on 416 total ratings?

Reviews for Hardee’s
Eric Timmons Eric Timmons 4/5 a year ago Hardee’s, thick burgers!!
Polvoloco Hilerio Polvoloco Hilerio 4/5 a year ago Good
WYD store reviews WYD store reviews 5/5 a year ago Clean and friendly
Photo Courtesey of: Ronald Mccray

Piggly Wiggly

Address: 326 S 5th St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-4158 Visit the Piggly Wiggly Website View Piggly Wiggly on Google Latitude: 34.8042089 Longitude: -78.9784018

Did you know that Piggly Wiggly rates 4.4/5 based on 406 total ratings?

Reviews for Piggly Wiggly
Tressa Graham Tressa Graham 1/5 a year ago Prices are to high
Brenda Boudreaux Brenda Boudreaux 4/5 a year ago Love it
Joyce Ritchey Joyce Ritchey 4/5 5 months ago Great prices on meat. Found whole boneless rib eye for half the cost at Sam’s. Also huge bone-in chuck roast. Good place for pork products. Nothing interesting in baked goods or bread.
Photo Courtesey of: saul santizo


Address: 108 E Broad St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-5122 Visit the BB&T Website View BB&T on Google Latitude: 34.80639 Longitude: -78.9708122

Did you know that BB&T rates 2/5 based on 8 total ratings?

Reviews for BB&T
Herminio Perez B. Herminio Perez B. 1/5 a month ago Long wait..👎👎
alana miller alana miller 1/5 a year ago I have banked with BBT since 2004. I have both personal and a business account there. They have changed managers many times and now their service is just horrible. I wanted to submit a small business COVID load, they would not help me, I was told they don’t do that, gave me an email address I could write to for help. I expressed my frustration several times to Jeremy.Baker – branch banker and he informed me they are now the 2nd largest bank in the country (No they are not, they are the 8th) They had a billion people applying for the load (impossible- there are only 382 million people in the country) and that they don’t deal with this at the branch. Unbelievable!! I told him, fine, Fidelity was courting me to change banks so that is exactly what I was going to do. I pulled $300,000 out of my savings account, opened an account with Fidelity, the next day they helped me submit the paperwork with SBA and with in 24 hours I had approval and the money in my new account. It will take me some time to finish moving my account away from BBT, but I will make it my life’s mission to move from there. They do not believe in helping their community at all.
Melissa McClain Melissa McClain 1/5 4 years ago I’m giving this establishment 1 star because zero stars aren’t an option. My reasoning being that they charge $5 might be more now to cash a check from their bank if you don’t have an account there which to me is ridiculous. The employees are snobby and rude. Last but not least my 84 year old neighbor whom is well known in our small town went to the ATM on July 3rd about 8:30 am to withdraw her monthly social security pension to pay her bills with, the only thing the ATM dispensed was her receipt showing that she had withdrawn her entire check but no money was dispensed which was witnessed by two gentlemen in line behind her. At the same time a bank employee drove up and was unlocking the door and my neighbor approached her and explained what happened and instead of checking the ATM or the cameras she gets an attitude and basically accused my neighbor of pretending to have not got the money and calls the police on her. Here it is 3 days later and this widow who is on a fixed income and barely makes it from month to month is out of her entire check because this bank could careless about it’s customers. The ATM stays out of order more than it does in service.
Photo Courtesey of: Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Address: 1058 W Broad St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-3129 Visit the Taco Bell Website View Taco Bell on Google Latitude: 34.8127705 Longitude: -78.9879146

Did you know that Taco Bell rates 3.8/5 based on 799 total ratings?

Reviews for Taco Bell
Jyst AORC Jyst AORC 5/5 a month ago Another amazing visit with our favorite drive through team of taco bell. They always have clean refreshing drinks, they have the most amazing spirit. Stop in and check out happy hour starts at 2pm!😜
Heather Gray Heather Gray 2/5 9 months ago Drive thru is slow and every time they get my order wrong. Which is why I like to go in to order, but they are never open for takeout orders. I’ve been told they have to clean so they closeup, but if there’s no one allowed in what’s to clean. I have recently started going to other food places and if I want Tacos I go to Hope Mills. They do takeout and my orders never wrong. When this one improves I’ll try it again.
Pam Black Pam Black 3/5 a year ago Ok
Photo Courtesey of: First Bank – St. Pauls, NC

First Bank – St. Pauls, NC

Address: 301 W Broad St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-4113 Visit the First Bank – St. Pauls, NC Website View First Bank – St. Pauls, NC on Google Latitude: 34.806757 Longitude: -78.9740296

Did you know that First Bank – St. Pauls, NC rates 4.8/5 based on 5 total ratings?

Reviews for First Bank – St. Pauls, NC
Mark Blount Mark Blount 5/5 2 years ago Best Bank I have ever done business with! The staff is always very helpful!
Shirley Pait Shirley Pait 5/5 2 years ago The manager us a good Christian man and all the crew bend over backwards to assist. The only drawback is that one cannot make deposits at the ATM.
Cool. G 9 Cool. G 9 5/5 2 years ago The best bank ever
Photo Courtesey of: David Perkey


Address: 315 N 5th St, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-3407 Visit the Maxway Website View Maxway on Google Latitude: 34.8103563 Longitude: -78.9761243

Did you know that Maxway rates 4.1/5 based on 57 total ratings?

Reviews for Maxway
Melissa McClain Melissa McClain 3/5 4 years ago First things first I really love shopping at Maxway because it’s a smaller version of Roses where you can buy name brand items that have some small flaw for very cheap prices. With that being said the reason for three star rating is because I would love for this store to be better organized in the clothes departments they have signs dividing the sizes but once you start going through them you realize they are all mixed up and if I’m in a hurry I don’t want to have to sort through a 100 pair of jeans to find my size. The other reason for three star rating is most of the employees are older hateful acting women not all of them but about 80%, I feel like if I’m spending my money with you then you need to leave your attitude in the car until your shift is over.
shirley brightman shirley brightman 4/5 3 years ago Next best place for shopping. Good prices
Hello Kitty Gang Hello Kitty Gang 5/5 5 years ago If you see something get it fast. Things go quick here. Love the $2.50 case water
Photo Courtesey of: Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Address: 121 S 5th St Ste A, St Pauls, NC 28384, USA Main Phone: (910) 865-3316 Visit the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Website View Jackson Hewitt Tax Service on Google Latitude: 34.8064007 Longitude: -78.9760384

Did you know that Jackson Hewitt Tax Service rates 4/5 based on 2 total ratings?

Reviews for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Crystal Williams Crystal Williams 3/5 a year ago
Nakeya.mccoy73 ty1rat Nakeya.mccoy73 ty1rat 5/5 8 months ago

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