Places of Interest in Rockfish, NC

Photo Courtesey of: Planet Willows

Planet Willows

Address: 186 Rushmore Ct, Raeford, NC 28376, USA Main Phone: (910) 308-3127 Visit the Planet Willows Website View Planet Willows on Google Latitude: 34.9958653 Longitude: -79.0818896

Did you know that Planet Willows rates 5/5 based on 1 total ratings?

Reviews for Planet Willows
Churchill Maya Churchill Maya 5/5 5 months ago
Photo Courtesey of: Dollar General

Dollar General

Address: 7369 Rockfish Rd, Raeford, NC 28376, USA Main Phone: (910) 479-4050 Visit the Dollar General Website View Dollar General on Google Latitude: 34.9924329 Longitude: -79.0682458

Did you know that Dollar General rates 4.1/5 based on 320 total ratings?

Reviews for Dollar General
Rivera Rivera Rivera Rivera 5/5 a year ago Job
Van Johnson Van Johnson 2/5 4 months ago Evening Night staff is nice. But the morning manager….I have never felt more unwanted or felt as if I myself as well as just other customers going to check out, were just a huge issue for her. I have tried before to Ignore the annoyed sighs coming from behind the counter and hearing just what she says about people she doesn’t like . Which may be everyone. Vendors. Customer in line. I’m just going to keep going in at night. Because I can still feel those awful vibes. Chin up or smile or something gosh. And I Know “im just some angry customer”. But I’m not at all. I’m bothered. But store is looking good coming along nicely. had to get that out there. I can breath finally ah.
Kristen Morin Kristen Morin 5/5 5 months ago This store was one the best I’ve been in.
Photo Courtesey of: Brock Realty

Brock Realty

Address: 7463 Rockfish Rd, Raeford, NC 28376, USA Main Phone: (910) 875-9330 Visit the Brock Realty Website View Brock Realty on Google Latitude: 34.992808 Longitude: -79.0671758

Did you know that Brock Realty rates 4/5 based on 8 total ratings?

Reviews for Brock Realty
Carrie Cook Carrie Cook 1/5 2 years ago I own my home and have lived close to a home they have under property management for the past 20 years. Almost every tenant that has moved into that house has been evicted. We recently made a complaint about current tenants. The police and probation officers are there on a weekly basis and them not mowing their lawn. Brock Realty told us they were going to evict them. Last week the people were fighting and slamming doors yelling that they are CRIPS and out in the front yard yelling. The grass needs to be mowed also. Mr. Brock told me I need to record them and not mowing for 2 weeks is acceptable. He told me if I want to control who lives there I should buy the house. PLEASE! ARE YOU KIDDING?? If you have your house under his property management don’t expect him to answer the phone for prospective tenants to see your home after business hours or weekends. His voice mail will be full as well.
Desiree J Desiree J 5/5 6 years ago Brock Reality makes you feel like family, I loved going up there each month everyone was always so sweet and they honestly look out for your best interest. My daughter’s still ask me when we will be moving back because she wants to see Ms. Karen and Ms. Marie. I absolutely love them!
Samantha Jones Samantha Jones 5/5 2 years ago Great Company & easy to work with. Very reliable people, and we Love the ladies in the office.
Photo Courtesey of: frederick rebenson

Tabernacle Baptist Church

Address: 3219 Lindsay Rd, Raeford, NC 28376, USA Main Phone: (910) 875-4134 Visit the Tabernacle Baptist Church Website View Tabernacle Baptist Church on Google Latitude: 34.9947499 Longitude: -79.0644183

Did you know that Tabernacle Baptist Church rates 4.5/5 based on 22 total ratings?

Reviews for Tabernacle Baptist Church
William Shelton William Shelton 5/5 7 months ago A great place to worship, πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ™
Amanda Bishop Amanda Bishop 5/5 5 months ago You can really feel the holy spirit in this church
Misty Rosas Misty Rosas 5/5 2 years ago Wonderful people! Very caring, and supportive. Accepting and kind beyond words! Pastor and his wife were very compassionate and welcoming! Inspirational service and the whole congregation were very helpful and very neighborly made me feel like family and as if I’d been a member of the church forever. I have to say they are also amazing cooks! They definitely will make sure you won’t go away hungry! Comfort in prayer, comfort in great friends, comfort in faith, and all together blessed to have been given the opportunity to spend what short time I had with the wonderful folks of Tabernacle Baptist Church! Thank you so much for being such awesome people and great friends to my grandparents Ed and Diane not only in their time of sorrow but also in faith. God bless you all!
Photo Courtesey of: Dre Skitz


Address: 7486 Rockfish Rd, Raeford, NC 28376, USA Main Phone: (910) 875-0350 Visit the Shell Website View Shell on Google Latitude: 34.9922986 Longitude: -79.0668413

Did you know that Shell rates 4.1/5 based on 91 total ratings?

Reviews for Shell
Nicodemous Nicodemous 5/5 4 months ago Solid gas station, good service and plenty of lighting at night and a security guard is here at times.
Christi J Christi J 1/5 8 months ago So stopped by at 12pm and asked if I good order 8 wings after 3:30 pm.for supper and was told by call back 15 min. Prior to arrival and they would have them ready. Called and was told by Omar that he couldn’t cook a order that small. After i told him what was told to me he came back with we’re out of wings. Really they have wings everyday at 11am and I said so u have no wings for tomorrow then and he said we get a shipment everyday. Really he just told me why he couldn’t cook my wings and then lied. They will not get my business anymore.
Amy Watts Keel Amy Watts Keel 4/5 4 months ago Helpful in using new card. NEED SUNDROP IN DRINKS
Photo Courtesey of: Lisa Allen

Rockfish Speedway

Address: 2950 Lindsay Rd, Raeford, NC 28376, USA Main Phone: (910) 426-7092 Visit the Rockfish Speedway Website View Rockfish Speedway on Google Latitude: 34.9975866 Longitude: -79.0664988

Did you know that Rockfish Speedway rates 4.6/5 based on 87 total ratings?

Reviews for Rockfish Speedway
Stuart Poynter Stuart Poynter 1/5 5 months ago Who builds a race track in the middle of neighborhoods? Brownie does, that’s who. Can’t sit outside on the weekends without dust and extremely loud engines. Can’t believe Hoke county permitted him to do this. Well actually I guess I can believe it, but still someone should have the decency to NOT do this.
Stuart Williams Stuart Williams 1/5 2 months ago Poor officiant every race. Don’t waste your time going here!
Steve Wing Steve Wing 5/5 a year ago Great track and do a fantastic job keeping the program organized and rolling

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