Places of Interest in Parkton, NC

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Parkton Fire & Rescue

Address: 2704 W Parkton Tobermory Rd, Parkton, NC 28371, USA Main Phone: (910) 858-3077 Visit the Parkton Fire & Rescue Website View Parkton Fire & Rescue on Google Latitude: 34.8989579 Longitude: -79.0034461

Did you know that Parkton Fire & Rescue rates 5/5 based on 3 total ratings?

Reviews for Parkton Fire & Rescue
Karen Klock Gaddy Karen Klock Gaddy 5/5 4 years ago arter hurricane Matthew the fire dept gave us a case of water thanks you guys
stephenie hughes stephenie hughes 5/5 4 years ago Great group of people
Gary Maddox Gary Maddox 5/5 4 years ago
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Katherine D Photography

Address: 3rd Street, Parkton, NC 28371, USA Main Phone: (910) 960-7427 Visit the Katherine D Photography Website View Katherine D Photography on Google Latitude: 34.903095 Longitude: -79.008974

Did you know that Katherine D Photography rates 5/5 based on 6 total ratings?

Reviews for Katherine D Photography
Rebecca Guinee Rebecca Guinee 5/5 4 years ago Katherine was able to book me for a newborn shoot at incredibly short notice after another photographer cancelled. She was very professional and knew exactly how to keep baby calm throughout the entire shoot. The pictures were fabulous! Katherine was even able to capture a smile. So happy I was able to find her. Worth every penny! Thanks!!
Patricia Kumfer (Patty K Photo) Patricia Kumfer (Patty K Photo) 5/5 4 years ago I have used Katherine D Photography for many years. Her images are amazing. As a photographer myself, I have always loved/admired her work and work ethic. She has taught me so much in my own business and we have collaborated on many sessions. Years of Experience !!!
Christian Mealey Christian Mealey 5/5 5 years ago Katherine is a phenomenal photographer! My wife and I went for a full newborn session with her. My boy was being quite a bit fussy and even fire-hosed on her at one point, but she was super patient. She was willing to work with what my son was feeling – never forcing him into anything that he wasn’t willing to do at the moment. Not only that, she has extensive props that she expertly applies and is completely open to bringing your own from home and experimenting with new shots that we had ideas for.
Photo Courtesey of: Shirley Pait

Farm Chemicals Inc

Address: 23837 NC-71 N, Parkton, NC 28371, USA Main Phone: (910) 875-4277 Visit the Farm Chemicals Inc Website View Farm Chemicals Inc on Google Latitude: 34.9087263 Longitude: -79.00585

Did you know that Farm Chemicals Inc rates 4.5/5 based on 2 total ratings?

Reviews for Farm Chemicals Inc
Jennifer, Minnehan Jennifer, Minnehan 5/5 5 months ago Great at helping our farm.
anthony morris anthony morris 4/5 6 months ago
Photo Courtesey of: Ashlee Hallman

Family Dollar

Address: 52 David Parnell St, Parkton, NC 28371, USA Main Phone: (910) 364-0068 Visit the Family Dollar Website View Family Dollar on Google Latitude: 34.9024221 Longitude: -79.0113291

Did you know that Family Dollar rates 3.8/5 based on 53 total ratings?

Reviews for Family Dollar
R R R R 5/5 a month ago Great bunch of workers! Always friendly, professional, and helpful, even when some customers are complete jerks to them! The new revamp they did is excellent, with many new products from their Dollar Tree Line. Really like Temple, Sam, and Abba, they are great and work hard. Their Grand Reopening today was really nice! Truly a shining star store in Parkton, NC!
Dijon Delorge Dijon Delorge 5/5 8 months ago They were busy putting up stock but was very friendly I was in and out real
barbara locklear barbara locklear 2/5 a year ago I usually like this place but lately, the young ladies, well one of them, was so loud and whiney, complaining about customers and could be heard over the whole store. “If one more person picks one more thing up and puts it down in the wrong place, I’m going off” was one comment. That’s not professional by any means. Then to just keep on and on about it. I would have bought alot more but her whiney voice kept going straight thru me. I paid for my few things and left. Whole loads of inventory blocking isles where I had to keep making circles to reach what I was looking for. Not too good of a trip there today but I will try again maybe next week. If its a repeat of today I’ll just stop somewhere else for my supplies next time.
Photo Courtesey of: United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service

Address: 29 S Fayetteville St, Parkton, NC 28371, USA Main Phone: (800) 275-8777 Visit the United States Postal Service Website View United States Postal Service on Google Latitude: 34.9019378 Longitude: -79.0113691

Did you know that United States Postal Service rates 3.4/5 based on 7 total ratings?

Reviews for United States Postal Service
Andres Abreu Andres Abreu 1/5 6 months ago Terrible delivery service! They mark packages as “delivered” when they are not. I assume they do this so the higher postal managers don’t bust the delivery workers for falling behind, but it’s a terrible business practice and it screws people over when they are expecting a package. They mark it as delivered, but I wouldn’t actually get it for another two days! The managers of this branch need to get their delivery workers in line! I’d rather know my package is going to be a day or two late rather than wondering if it’s been stolen off my porch or something. I’ll correct my rating when I see a change in service.
Armida Windley Armida Windley 1/5 a year ago Hello Town of Parkton Post Office. I was just trying to call your post office and it just goes to an automated voice… This has happened to me MORE than once. Doesn’t anybody pick up when someone calls? You all are supposed to be open?
Toni Council Toni Council 5/5 2 years ago Small but still full service and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
Photo Courtesey of: Robert McLeod

First Missionary Baptist Church

Address: 195 David Parnell St, Parkton, NC 28371, USA Main Phone: (910) 858-3779 Visit the First Missionary Baptist Church Website View First Missionary Baptist Church on Google Latitude: 34.9040344 Longitude: -79.015662

Did you know that First Missionary Baptist Church rates 5/5 based on 8 total ratings?

Reviews for First Missionary Baptist Church
Geraldine Lowe Geraldine Lowe 5/5 a year ago Their Service was awesome a beautiful church
Lorraine Stewart Lorraine Stewart 5/5 a year ago Phenomenal
Beverly Miller Beverly Miller 5/5 2 years ago

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