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Offering Reliable Heater Replacements

Whether your heater has stopped working or you want a more efficient and reliable system, we deliver industry leading service to meet every heating need including repairs and installations.

Air Pro Heating and Air Conditioning offers a variety of Heating repairs, installations, and replacements by our trusted team. Never get stuck without  heat again with help from Air Pro. Call today!

Our company offers top-notch heating services to address any issues with your heater. We provide repair and installation services for a wide range of heating systems. Our team of experienced technicians is skilled and knowledgeable in the latest heating technology. We are dedicated to restoring warmth and comfort to your home efficiently and effectively. Contact us today for reliable and exceptional heating service.

When the repair is very expensive or not possible, your heating system may need to be replaced. In addition, it may make more sense to replace a system that breaks down frequently or is nearing the end of its expected life-cycle. Newer heating systems offer significant advances in energy efficiency, so you will save money by replacing a system that is 10 years old or older. We offer heating repair and installation in Fayetteville for many different types of heating systems.

Air Pro Heating, Air & Electric

We install a variety of heating systems, including:

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems, also known as dual-fuel systems, combine the efficiency of a heat pump with the power of a gas furnace. These systems intelligently switch between gas and electric power based on temperature and efficiency, optimizing energy use and providing cost-effective heating in varying weather conditions.

Gas Furnaces

Utilizing natural gas as fuel, gas furnaces are renowned for their ability to quickly heat spaces and consistently maintain warm temperatures. Ideal for colder climates, these furnaces provide a reliable and efficient heating solution for homeowners with access to natural gas.

Electric Furnaces

Typically more compact, easier to install, and require less maintenance than gas furnaces. Although they may have higher operational costs in regions with high electricity rates, they’re a preferred choice where natural gas is not readily available.

Heat Pumps

They work by transferring heat from outside air into your home during winter and vice versa in summer. Highly energy-efficient, heat pumps are ideal for moderate climates and can significantly reduce energy costs when used in suitable conditions.

Split Systems

Split systems refer to a type of HVAC system where the components are divided between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They are adaptable, allowing for easy installation and efficient heating and cooling in various property types.

Heater Repair Service: Same-Day & After Hours

When your heater malfunctions, waiting for days is not an option. Our experienced technicians are equipped to repair all types of heating systems promptly.

Trust us to maintain your heating system quickly, and efficiently. We offer same-day appointments, and we answer calls for repair after our normal business hours and on weekends until 6 p.m.

There are a number of benefits that come with the regular maintenance of your heating systems. Most importantly, your heaters will be able to function at optimal levels, keeping your home warm all day long. Other benefits that come with preventative heater maintenance include the following:


Preventative heater maintenance means that your heating systems will be performing better. That also means that your HVAC system will be using using less energy to heat your home. With this being said, a regular HVAC check-up will help to make sure that your heating system is in fact using less energy to heat up your home.

Lower Utility Bills:

Saving on energy also means that you will be having to pay a lower utility bill each month. Often times, when heaters become outdated, homeowners may feel as if their homes are not warming up as quickly or as well as they are supposed to, leading them to turn the heating temperature higher. With preventative maintenance, you will not have to worry about this, because regular servicing will make sure that your heating system is working to the best of its abilities.

Better Indoor Air Quality:

The corrosion of HVAC systems is a common problem that a lot of homeowners face, and often times families may not even know that this may be the underlying cause to poor indoor air quality of their homes. Regular maintenance will help to prevent dangerous leaks that can include carbon monoxide and other deadly chemical compounds. They will also help to maintain a clean air quality that prevents allergies and other illnesses that can occur due to HVAC corrosion. This is especially important for fuel-burning heating systems, such as gas furnaces.

Fire Prevention:

Did you know that according to the US Fire Administration, heating is the second leading cause of home fires after cooking? Statistics show that there are 45,900 home heating fires that happen in the United States every year. That being said, preventative heating maintenance will be able to prevent such tragic scenarios and ensure that your heating systems are functioning to the best of their abilities.

Heating Install Savings

Save On A System Upgrade From The Best

If you are ready to upgrade your heating equipment, we are happy to provide free estimates for a new heating system for your home. We can explain the options and provide the information you need to select a heater that will keep your home warm all winter long at a price that will fit your budget. We offer a 5% discount for active military and veterans, and we will match the price from any competitor. Check Terms and Agreements for more details Here

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We offer a 5% discount for active military and veterans, and we will match the price from any local competitor.

  • A/C went out and I made the call to Air Pro and a short while later they showed up, diagnosed the problem and had my A/C running like a champ. Highly recommend Air Pro Hearing and Air & Electric. 5 Star Service.

    Bobby EL JEFE Reyes Avatar Bobby EL JEFE Reyes
    May 4, 2024
  • I appreciate the technicians for putting the cover on my AC unit

    Donald Thomas Avatar Donald Thomas
    May 3, 2024
  • I would like to take this time to say that Air pro rep came my house and did a very professional job I'm very happy about the job that he has done and I will recommend Air pro for all my heating and cooling needs to my friends and family, thank you very much.

    kevin turrentine Avatar kevin turrentine
    May 3, 2024

Why Choose Air Pro?

Excellent Customer Service

Delivering outstanding customer service is at the forefront of what we do, guaranteeing your satisfaction at every point of contact.

Personal Attention

Our dedicated team offers tailored support, focusing on your unique requirements and questions.

Quality HVAC Work

Rely on us for top-notch HVAC services, underpinned by our unwavering dedication to quality.


We believe that happy team members lead to happy customers and that every call and every customer matters. When you reach out to us for routine heating system installation, or even emergency air conditioner repairs, you’ll be treated to friendly, professional, and fast service from our experienced team. We’ve tackled thousands of jobs—over 60,000 to be exact—and we are fully prepared to help you with your home service needs!








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