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Heating Repair & Installation Service

Heat pumps in your home can be a great way to keep warm this winter. A heat pump is a device that uses little energy, instead pulling from the ground or outside air temperature for both heating and cooling of your house without as much use of electricity like with water heater usage. In the winter time cold air is recycled back out while hot compressed-air heats up the building’s floors by warming them full blast either through forced-air ventilation systems, radiant flooring or baseboard units which are also popular choices among homeowners too. During the summer, we take in humidified outdoor air inside. Conversely, during wintertime when it’s cold and dry outside, we expel humidified indoor air to the outdoors using a heated cooled environment. This can be done alongside solar powered technologies such as solar panels on roofs which harness energy from the sun for other uses too.

How Heat Pumps Can Help Save You Money

Heat pumps replace less energy and water, which means they won’t put such a big dent in your wallet. With a good heat pump replacement service, you’ll save more money every year without having to worry about erratic energy bills during the warm seasons or cold ones. When’s the last time you serviced yours? You could be saving even more by making sure it is working properly!

Heat Pump Repair Services

When your heat pump is in need of repair, you can count on Air Pro to send a top-notch service technician. When the problem has been identified and repaired, we’ll be well out of there before you know it. The best part? Our technicians will arrive promptly (most repairs are completed same day) with all necessary parts for nearly any situation that arrives at their doorstep! Here’s what our customers typically see:

We’ll show up when promised–usually within 24 hours or less after calling us!–and equipped with everything needed to fix most common malfunctions like faulty thermostat settings, clogged coils, broken belts, etc., which means no more waiting around! Once they identify the issue, our team will repair your heat pump as quickly as possible.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Want a better way to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank? Our heat pump technicians can install your new system in less than an hour and give you more control over heating costs with our low monthly rates.

We offer installation services for all models of heat pumps, no matter what brand or design! For homes that need special considerations like insulation, we have certified specialists who will make sure everything is done right before they leave so there are fewer problems down the line.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Regardless of the brand, year or model of your current heat pump, and no matter if you purchased it from Air Pro, we will gladly send one of our specialists to your home to service your heat pump right away. Our one-time maintenance service consists of a precision tune-up and complete safety check on your heating equipment.

If you want to feel confident your heat pump is operating efficiently and saving you money, make sure you get yearly assessments and tune-ups. We offer continual maintenance services with annual or monthly payment plans for your convenience. 


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