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Is Your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Eligible for a Federal Tax Credit under the Inflation Reduction Act?

The beginning of 2023 brought forth several new federal tax credits aimed at promoting energy efficiency within households. Among these incentives, special emphasis has been placed on home equipment like air conditioners, heat pumps, and even heat pump water heaters. If you’re contemplating home improvements or HVAC services, it’s crucial to be in the know about these benefits.

Federal Tax Credit Overview

These tax credits came into effect from January 1, 2023, replacing the previous Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credits, and will be available until December 31, 2032. The primary highlights of these credits include:

Annual Limits: A cap of 30% of the project’s total cost is set, with a yearly limit of $3,200 for any energy efficiency enhancements. This is further categorized as:

  •     $2,000 annually for air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and biomass stoves/boilers.
  •     $1,200 annually for central air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, and specific home envelope upgrades.

Dates: This credit only covers equipment purchased and installed between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2032.

Property Requirements: The equipment should be placed within an existing primary residence located in the US. This includes a variety of dwelling types such as houses, houseboats, mobile homes, and even condominiums. However, new constructions and rentals aren’t covered.

To ensure maximum benefits, consider spacing out your efficiency improvements over several years. Since the limits reset every year, this strategy might help you capitalize on potential savings. Visit the ENERGY STAR website to explore combinations that work best for your requirements.

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Tax Credit Details

Before making any claims, always consult a tax professional to ascertain that you satisfy the essential prerequisites for the tax credits. We can further confirm the eligibility of your equipment.

For Central Air Conditioners

  • You’re allowed to claim up to 30% of the total project cost, with a maximum of $600.
  • For eligibility:
    •  Split Systems should be ENERGY STAR certified with SEER2 ≥ 16.
    •  Packaged Systems: All ENERGY STAR certified systems qualify.

For Air Source Heat Pumps

  • You can claim 30% of the total project cost, but not exceeding $2,000.
  • For eligibility:
    • Ducted Split Systems: All ENERGY STAR certified systems qualify.
    • Ductless Mini-Split Systems should be ENERGY STAR certified with efficiency ratings of SEER2 ≥ 16, EER2 ≥ 12, and HSPF2 ≥9.

For Heat pump models with the ENERGY STAR Cold Climate designation

  • The Ducted Systems need to have an EER2 ≥ 10.
  • Mini-Split Systems should have a SEER2 ≥ 16, EER ≥ 9, and an HSPF ≥ 9.5.

Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings

From January 1, 2023, a new energy efficiency rating system, encompassing SEER2, HSPF2, and EER2, has been implemented, replacing the former SEER, HSPF, and EER ratings. Delve deeper into this transition by visiting our post on the 2023 AC Energy Efficiency Standards.

How to Claim Your Credit

Once eligible, claim your credits by filling out the pertinent form while filing your tax returns. Ensure you consult a tax expert to guide you through the process, ensuring your claims align with IRS regulations. For an exhaustive understanding of the tax credit, is an excellent resource.

Exploring Other Equipment and Credits

Apart from the HVAC systems, other home appliances, like heat pump water heaters, might also qualify for tax credits. Also, remember that renewable energy enhancements, such as wind, solar, and geothermal solutions, have distinct tax credits and aren’t subject to the $3,200 annual maximum.

Furthermore, the IRS has introduced special credits for home builders and commercial infrastructures, ensuring a broader reach and incentivizing a more energy-efficient future.

Ready to maximize your savings with energy-efficient upgrades? 

Act now and take full advantage of the Federal Tax Credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. Ensure your home is both comfortable and cost-effective. Contact us today to guide you through the selection and installation process!


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